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Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. DJ Angelick (pronounced An gel ick) 

 At the age of 21 Angie joined the Army and spent 3 years traveling completing her tour of duty eventually landing her in South Florida. Angie has always been a fan of music eventually taking DJing as a hobby since her career is primarily in IT. 

She found work Djing in local clubs off the coast of south Florida until work landed her in N.Y.

Unfortunately an injury left her unable to DJ and  bedridden for over a month she then gravitated towards making music rather than just Djing it. Over the coarse of the years she has taught herself to produce music in multiple DAW's and has produced hundreds of beats to this date. 

This site will be a way to view the mind of DJ Angelick, how she creates her music and the creativity behind the mind of this DJ.

This site is currently under construction and will be updated daily until fully functional.


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